Reasons To Use A Real Estate Professional

Dated: 06/30/2020

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Powerful Property Marketing-

Let’s just say we know a lot of people and have access to large networks in order to get your home sold in record time. Agents have spent countless hours making relationships with clients and other agents, as well as having access to their brokerage, to truly give your home the attention it deserves from potential buyers.

We Can Negotiate-

It can be intimidating saying no or coming back with a rebuttal when negotiating the offers on your home. No need to deal with the added stress of time spent going back and forth on the phone or email. Your inexperience and emotional connection to your home can very likely hinder your home from being sold in the long run. There is good new though, we are pros at it and will do it for you! 

FSBO scares some people-

There are people, both buyers and agents, who will not take the risk of working with a non-professional when putting in an offer. For Sale By Owner poses a higher risk that the transaction may not be done right. There are so many little things that can make a deal go south or legally be incorrect.

Let’s just say “It’s our job”-

Many agents do this full time. They have the time to give you and your home the undivided attention it needs. Are you able to rush straight home after work because someone needs to see your home? You see we are available when you are not and will be on top of it if any goes wrong.

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