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Is Real Estate a good career choice in 2020?

As a Realtor in his first 8 months of his career , I would have to say Yes Real Estate is a good career choice to have made in 2020.

The housing market fortunately enough is pretty hot, hot enough to say that the average for homes coming on the market daily is at 100/day. That is incredible and keeps a Realtor busy . That being said I’m glad I made the career choice to be in Real Estate when I did.  

Staying busy comes with Responsibility, and the pros and cons lie in your hands. It is up to you as an individual business owner to make sure that making this career choice can only be successful with how the Real Estate Industry is so far in 2020. A pandemic may have scared the nation , but the housing market has not and probably will not slow down anytime soon. 

Now is the time to buy , as a Realtor all you have to do is utilize all tools that are handed to you to make sure you are successful and do not fail . Real Estate is a good career choice and look forward to to see what the future holds for all things Real Estate.



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